Lifestyle, and Personal Branding photography for entrepreneurs and conscious brands.



Firstly, if your photography needs are for a large commercial brand then head over here to view the lifestyle portfolio and please contact me for a quote. I shoot for international and startup brands from restaurants to fashion labels from home and all over the world. Let me know your photography needs and I can tailor you a quote.


Entrepreneurs, personal brands and business owners - KEEP SCROLLING! 



My signature package and most popular package. Beautiful portraits and lifestyle photography to perfectly reflect the life of your brand. This is a location shoot usually shot in your soul-home or during one of your nomadic business trips. The key of this photoshoot is to create an instant connection between you and your ideal client. - Imagery to use throughout your brand, from website headers to Facebook ads.

Before the shoot we connect over Skype to discuss the personality of your business, then Pinterest a collection of inspiration for your shoot.



This is a free spirited fun photoshoot documenting your authentic adventures in your chosen location. This isn't a portrait shoot, rather an atmospheric photoshoot to express your personality and brand vibes perfectly. A day with you in your lifestyle.

Perfect for use on your Instagram or blog posts. Ideal for lifestyle bloggers or business owners who don't shoot their own visual content yet want to express themselves more creatively.



Styled flat-lay and lifestyle shoots incorporating your brand colours and vibe. Can easily include your products or e-products shown on iPhones and laptops. These photoshoots don't require you in person yet we will connect via Skype to design a theme, any lettering and create content ideas for your up coming shoots.

These shoots can either be a custom made one off, or as a monthly retainer where each month offers a fresh personalised selection of lifestyle images in all necessary constraints for your blog, website and social media adverts.


The Monthly Food Retainer

Personalised monthly photoshoots to provide regular and consistent content for your business platforms. The best part is that there is no need to be present on any of these shoots as I cook, style and shoot everything from my home studio - saving your most important asset - your time!

This packages is perfect for health coaches and food bloggers who need regular high quality content of their recipes.

Before the shoots start we will connect on Skype and design a style of imagery that fits your brand, ready for me to shop for some new crockery and props!


Unsure about which package you need? Get in touch!

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