20 Searchables for Pinning Out your Perfect Branding Shoot

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We've all been totally lost before on Pinterest, searching around in circles, and not coming up with anything that matches the vision you have in your mind!

Sharing visual examples will making communicating your photography needs much more easy. If you're finding it hard to develop your brand personality pinning ideas is a great place to start. You'll gravitate towards a certain style and after a while, once you’re board fills up, you'll start to see a style organically developing. 

When pinning ideas, don’t just search personal branding photography. Grab ideas from photographers’ websites, screen shot Instagrammers, pin photos of colours, outfits, furniture, expressions - it all helps conceptualise and communicate the personality of your brand.

My most important tip when pinning is to use the 'More Like This' feature. Once you've found an image that speaks to you, click to enlarge then scroll down to 'More Like This'. This will help you find more variation then hone in on specifics.

Here is my list of tried and tested searchable headings that you can use in Pinterest to get you started with planning your perfect branding shoot...

Happy Pinning!

Personal branding photoshoot/photography
Personal branding headshots
Headshots creative entrepreneur
Lifestyle photoshoot /photography
Commercial lifestyle photography models
Business coach photography
Health/Life coach photoshoot
(Female) entrepreneur (brand) photoshoot
(Female) entrepreneur professional headshots
holistic health coach photoshoot
Female commercial lifestyle portrait
<Lauren conrad> personal branding
<Deliciously ella> photoshoot
<Gabrielle Bernstein> branding photos
Most instagrammable places in <your location>
Most instagrammable walls in <your location>
<Your location> photoshoot
Branding photoshoot <your location>
(Cute/cool/best/photogenic) cafes/coffee shops in <your location>
<Your location> (best/cutest/coolest) Airbnbs