What 3 Types of Images does your Business Actually Need?


What images are essential for your business? What are nice-to-haves? And what will seriously up-level your brand?


I could type out a huge list of everywhere you could possibly need photographs but the truth is that is not as overwhelming as that. Once you’ve created a branded set of images they can be repurposed through your business to create consistency and know, like and trust. 




1. The friendly and approachable head shot - This will be used on your ‘About Me’, sent out to be used as your ‘Contributor’ portrait, can be used on all of your profile images, and even an author head shot for a book. This will be head and shoulders, so it’s viewable as even just a thumb nail, and you should be making eye contact, looking approachable and friendly. The consistency is important for people to recognise you when they are following links to find you on social and eventually your website. A series of consistent headshots works well too so that you’re showing a new part of you on every platform but you are instantly recognisable throughout.


2. The lifestyle banners - Your banners give you space to add a little more lifestyle into your brand. It will help attract and repel as you can show brand personality traits in location specific settings or niche styling for example. These don’t all need to be with eye contact, the key is to convey the lifestyle or feeling your offerings can help attain.     The large amount of space on banners gives you plenty of room for text so these images can be places on your website headers, on Facebook ads and Covers. Shoot a few based on your brand personalities, so your ideal client can relate with you and your vibe.


3. The on brand personalised stock - Personalised stock is the custom shot equivalent to buying generic ready made stock images that anyone can be using. Small lifestyle details that include your brand colours and theme will build your brand personality and recognition. These will be used anywhere where it’s not always necessary to use a photograph of you, like website button, blog posts and some Instagram images. These will be essential when showcasing a product you’re selling, like an e-book or course, where you can drop the cover onto an iPad or laptop screen to give it a professional and branded delivery. 


Hopefully this takes the extensive shot list down to a happy and relaxed day shoot! Shooting additional brand photographs once every 6 months is a constant way to stay exciting and updated in your visual branding.

An actionable: Note down all the places in your business that you need photography. See what can be repurposed and condense it down to a consice shot list.