One Small Step Towards Hearing Your Inner Voice

I’ve had some time away from social media this year so far, it's been pretty lovely really, but I do miss seeing everyones' exciting lives unfolding. Let's catch up with tea and photos? 

All after finding out that - amazing husband pictured below - is being posted to Canada for 9 months with the army without me - life threw us a curveball. And sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do under the pressure of sudden or impending change when we don't give ourselves a moment with our own thoughts. 

Today we pacify our silences and in-betweens with scrolling and watching. We absorb so much content. This can be wonderful in limitless ways - to inspire, to understand, to dream, to fill the bored space while waiting for the dentist. However, it’s the quiet, uninterrupted times that we start to connect with ourselves once more. 

It’s the pure and authentic moments when you aren’t under the influence of others’ interpretations of the world.

By allowing the answers to arrive in their own time - and they will arrive - we can know for sure that we are on the right path. Because it’s the questioning yourself that eats you up!

Today, finally feeling more free from Canada confusion, we were not going to let serious English clouds ruin our possibility to roam free from worrying on a very tiny Sunday adventure.